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~Basic Info~

Name: Koga Wolf(Wolf,Koga) 古賀ウルフ
Age: Unknown,Appears to be a young adult.
Birthday: December 22
Height: 5'8


Name: Akumu(This is the name that Koga says when he speaks to his zanpaktou) 悪夢
Sealed Appearance:

Shikai Command: Disrupt, Akumu Hateshiganai (Eternal Nightmare) 永遠の悪夢
Description: Koga's scythe is made up of pure energy,it has a faint
white glow around the scythe. CANNOT be used for blocking other than
kido or something spirit related. When the scythe slashes through or on
the target(s) it cuts the target(s) energy. It also disrupts the flow of
spiritual energy/reiatsu making it harder for kido/cero to be used. If
kido/cero are used the likely hood is that it will backfire.

Bankai Command: Bankai..Akumu Hateshiganai Okeru Jigoku(Eternal Nightmare In Hell) 地獄で永遠の悪夢
Description: The scythe now takes on a physical form. This time the scythe
is able to cut you and your spiritual energy but it can also steal the
energy. Koga can hold up to the maximum amount possible before the
amount of spirit energy kills him. All powers from shikai are still
available but the power consumed is multiplied by 2 while the force of
the power is multiplied by 1.25%. Cutting the opponent still disrupts
the spiritual flow making it random so that the victim either uses to
much or too little spirit energy. Koga's kido skills are also increased
by 35%
Note: If the blade is stuck inside the victim it constantly
takes the spiritual energy until it is either depleted or removed from
the body.

Zanpaktou Spirit:
Personality: Akumu is a nice little girl who loves to have plenty of energy. Literally. She is a scythe master,thus teaches Koga how to wield a scythe. Polite,seems angered when training Koga for some odd reason, wants to protect Koga.

~Combat Info~

Enhanced spirit energy-Koga from the beginning of his life has had a high level spirit energy.
Type of fighter:Kido
Strengths: Kido Skills(5), Speed(4), Spirit energy(5), Acrobatic (3)
Weaknesses: Hand to Hand(5), Strength(3), Arrogance(3), Sword skills(3), Kido hurting me if used to much (3) (the higher the number the less it can be used)
(This is on a scale from 1-5)

~Back-round Story~

Koga was born into an upper class family. He was born in Venice, Italy while his parents were vacationing. Koga after two days in the hospital goes back to his home town of Karakura town.Koga was taught in the way of the sword when he was little. All though he had the skill to wield his blade he did not have the strength to win against many strong students. Koga was never strong but he used his skill and speed to be able to dodge. Koga died when he was 19,just graduating from high school. Koga was going to marry the woman of his life but was unable to.

One day as Koga was getting groceries from the store,late at night, he saw a little girl running around a man with a white mask,which was like bone. Koga ran after the man and attempted to stop him, he was unable to match the man's speed,strength or skill. The man played with Koga as he slowly beat his body with slow,but heavy, punches. Koga was killed yet his soul still lived. The mysterious man ate the little girls soul right in front of Koga,Koga watched,terrified. Just as the man was going to grab Koga a man,in black robes, with a strange badge around his right arm attacked the man from the back,quickly cleaning him.

The man explained that he was a Shingami,or a Soul Reaper, and that monstrous human like creature was a hollow. The shingami then told Koga he must have spiritual energy if he was able to see that hollow. The man performed something called a Konso, on Koga, Unable to be sent back to his body since the hollow broke his soul chain.

Koga lived with an elderly man and woman when he came, the elderly couple were like the parents Koga always wanted instead of the always busy parents he had.Koga practiced his speed skills every day by performing the art of paramour,hopping from roof top to rooftop, scaling walls and fences. Koga after five years,living with the kind elderly couple, Koga enrolls into the Shingami Academy,hoping to be able to protect humans from monsters like the one he faced.

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