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Post  Ajiro The Demon Prince on Tue Apr 26, 2011 11:36 pm

~Like a frenzied horse that is driven.
An unseen wind of plague shrieks across the border.
Pandemonium, wailing, and stench of carnage fills the air.
There is no place to run. No hope of escape.
Those who are mourned will never return.
The hands of time cannot be turned back.~
:Name:: Ajiro Minamoto
:Kanji:: 網代源
:Romanji:: Minamoto No Ajiro
:Title:: Captain 13 *
:Nickname:: Nobunaga reincarnated

~Personal Information~


:Race:: Vizard

:Age:: 18

:Birthday:: 11/12

:Gender:: Male

:Height:: 174 cm (5'9")

:Weight:: 61 kg (134 lbs.)

:Build:: Muscular/Athletic

:Skin Tone:: At times he has a light sun kissed tan on him others he seems to have a light complection

:Eyes:: Blue eyes which at times have a feline apperance to them

:Hair:: Dark black

:Blood Type:: AB

:Nationality:: Japanese

Senri Minamoto- Father

Kimiko Tenishii- Mother

:sexuality:: Straight

:Relationship status:: Widowed

:Personality:: Ajiro is quiet and observant but extreamly loyal.

:Medical problems::
*Dextrocardia situs inversus totalis.

Karakura High School
Karakura Tech
Military Education & Basic-Advanced Training
Multiple Martial Arts Masters and Fighting experts From Ninjutsu to Caoperia
Shinōreijutsuin[Shinō Academy], (Shinigami Academy)

:Unique Characteristics:: on his back are markings of where an angels wings would be torn off, he also has a tattoo of a wing on the opposing side. His unique outfit keeps his spiritual energy bound to a level he can control.

:Hand Orientation:: Ambidextrous

:Background Information/history::

During his time in the living world he learned from the worlds greatest fighters, from Brazil to Japan and more, in all types of martial arts and hand to hand as well as weaponry including CQC (close quarters combat). Studied under the worlds brightest minds and trained in the various arts and styles of parkour. at age 10 was one of the youngest allowed to join Militia under Special OPs and resigned to join ACME at age 17. during his Spec Op days was given the nickname Cero Spanish for "Zero", Japanese for "Hollow Flash" due to his speed in accomplishing missions and in fighting. During one of his missions trying to locate Carmen Sandiego he was ambushed by a group seperate from V.I.L.E. and was captured beaten and then killed.

~Plus life~
As a plus he fought back against hollows who attempted to devour him keeping them at bay. it was durring this time that he meet a woman named Sophia. he fought to defend her as best he could. Over time he developed special abilities and used them to fight. After an extended time in the living the hollowfication process began mask forming first. It was then he tapped into the abilities passed doen to him and became a soul reaper. his wife was not so fortunate. He was eventualy found and sent to the soul society hideing his abilities

~Life in the soul society~
Upon reaching the soul society he had lost his memorie of who he was all but his memorie of his wife was gone his true name long forgotten he was given the name Ajiro Minamoto. as he wandered the new world he learned much about its inhabitants and its workings and quickly established housing for him and his wife. during his sleep he encountered a lonely girl crying her red kimono flowered about her as he woke he say that much of the items in his room had become extreamly hot his wife having left the room due to the heat. it was latter that he found out of his possible power and abilities as he grew a vast hunger and many souls who drew near him felt faint.

since then he has become a shinigame and only recently had recovered his memory and full potential in hand to hand combat but bears no grudge to the human world. Prior to gaining his memory he trained under yoroichi and Kisuke Urahara before joining the academy urged by his last teacher a man who tought him of his hidden ability. as a student he pushed him self to learln all he could having the upper hand in hakuda due to his pastlife and training he though he struggled slightly with kido he was good enough to learn some of the spells. it was on one of his nights as a student that he had a new dream.

the dream began with him in a void of emptyness the entier area seemed to be near yet far. he spoke to the girl and she looked at him her fox ears catching him by suprise after a conversation with the spirit whos voice he could not here he awoke to his dwellings on fire and several people trying to put out the flames and as he stood he realized in his hand was a blade with its sheath a blade that fit his grasp with perfect weight.

it was then that his spiritual pressure grew out of controle it grew more and more and his body was crushed by its amount and his master who foresaw this had come to the academy and given him the clothing to keep his rei under control.

~Profession Info~

:Affiliation:: Gotei 13, Soul Society

:Occupation:: Shinigami

:Team:: Division 13

:Rank:: Captain*

:Partner:: N/A

:Base of Operations:: Soul Society, Division 13 HQ

:Combat Strength:: Intellegence, Battle Strategist, Hand to hand combat specialist, Acrobatic expertise, sword and weapons specialist, Spirit bond with zanpakuto

:Combat Weaknesses:: kido, low stamina due to illness, below average health, control of spiritual energy without aid


Reiatsu Color: White

Reiatsu affinity: Fire

Reiatsu shape: Fox with nine tails

Reiatsu Type: Elemental

Reiatsu amount: {massive}

Reiatsu classification: Vast Spiritual Energy: This level of spiritual power corresponds to those possessing an enormous amount of spiritual energy which is wild and untamed. This level of spiritual power has a possible tendency to leak from a person or when released can affect the surrounding area in a destructive way. Those of this level have no actual masterful control over their massive spiritual power, as it can effect those around them unintentionally.

~Powers and Abilities~

:Genius Intellect:: Ajiro is highly intelegent able to deduct situations and form combat skills and tactics.

:Master Strategist & Tactician:: Ajiro a very insightful and cunning man. He also possesses great intuition, able to quickly become aware of any incoming danger and react to it. he has an undeniable talent for thinking things well in advance as well, make decisive and accurate decisions quickly in battle, and able to perceive any situation at hand. He generally has shown himself to also be a crafty tactician from how easily he can deceive both allies and enemies. He has also shown to be a very perceptive and analytical man from how quickly he can analyze an opponent's power and attack patterns to ultimately make them useless against him.

:Enhanced Strength:: Ajiro's physical prowess has been shown to go beyond flashy skills

:Enhanced Speed:: Ajiro has demonstrated tremendous speed and reflexes in battle. Offensively, he is shown able to keep up quick and rapid assault that forces most opponents on the defense

:Enhanced Agility:: Ajiro is an immensely agile fighter. In battle, he can effectively use his agility to use the battlefield to his advantage, jumping from wall to wall to keep his opponents unsure of his attack patterns. Offensively, his agility grants him great dexterity in battle, able to attack his opponent from various angles with great accuracy and force

:Enhanced Durability:: Ajiro has shown himself able to take large amounts of punishment.

Swordsmanship Specialist: Ajiro shows a great proficiency in wielding his Zanpakutō.

Shunpo: Ajiro's flash steps are great enough to keep up with standard Lieutenant level shinigami.

Kidō Practitioner: Ajro seems to have capable understanding of Kidō spells at least enough to identify them upon sight.

Hakuda Master: Ajiro's skill is great enough to effortlessly take down several Shinigami-deserters unarmed.

Stealth Mastery: Ajiro has high mastery in the art of stealth combat. he has repeatedly shown impressive skill in staying hidden and unseen while maneuvering to his target.


:Primary Equipment::
    •Zanpakuto: The trademark weapons of the Shinigami. Capable of cutting spiritual bodies, they are amongst the few weapons which can be used to combat Hollows. Each Shinigami carries a Zanpakutō, and each Zanpakutō is unique: as the swords are both reflections of a Shinigami's soul and power, and sentient beings unto themselves

:Sub Equipment::
    •Anti-Hierro Armor: A protective armor designed especially to engage in direct battle with enough durability to smash through an Arrancar's Hierro. It is also rather effective defensively, able to protect the wearer's said body part from damage, even if the armor itself is destroyed in the process.:>:


:Kido Knowledge List

-1. Sai (塞, Restrain) Locks a target's arms in place behind their back.
-4. Hainawa (這縄, Crawling Rope) An energy rope entangles the target's arms
*-30. Shitotsu Sansen (嘴突三閃, Beak-Piercing Triple Beam) Forming a golden triangle with one's finger, it shoots three beams of light that pin the target to one place on a surface, slamming into his or her body in three places in a shape of an equilateral triangle.
*-39. Enkosen (円閘扇, Arc Shield) Summons a shield of condensed reiatsu to block opponents' attacks :>:
*-81. Danku (斷空, Splitting Void) Creates an energy barrier in the form of a rectangular wall.it is capable of stopping destructive spells up to #89 :>:
-1. Shō (衝, Thrust) Pushes the target away from the caster.
-4. Byakurai (白雷, Pale Lightning) The user fires a concentrated, powerful lightning bolt from their finger
*-31. Shakkahō (赤火砲, Red Fire Cannon) Fires a ball of red energy at a target
*-58. Tenran (闐嵐, Orchid Sky) A widening tornado-like blast is fired towards the target :>:
*-73. Sōren Sōkatsui (双蓮蒼火墜, Twin Lotus Blue Fire, Crash Down) Essentially a doubled version of #33, this spell fires two shots of blue fire with greater potency than the single-shot variety :>:
-Hakufuku (白伏, White Crawl) This technique muddles the consciousness of its target, causing them to black out.
*-Hyōga Seiran (氷河晴嵐, Glacier Vapor Storm) A spell that fires a massive wave of ice capable of freezing its targets and surrounding area.
*-Meiyu (明癒, Luminous Healing) a healing technique that heals up to five individuals within a small area
*-Gaki Rekkō (牙気裂光, Raging Light Fang) A spell that makes a circle of energy, before firing blasts of green light from its center in a cage-like formation
-Keikatsu (啓活, Opening Revival) it is a healing technique that heals one individual.

~Zanpakutō Spirit~

:Name:: Kitsune Megami (キツネの女神,Fox Goddess)


:Personality:: she is playful and determined and very smart and kind spirit she guides Ajiro and is loyal to him entierly and will do what ever it takes to keep him safe.

~Zanpakutō Name & Apperance~
:Unsealed:: unseald his zan takes the form of a reverse blade katana with a red handle.

    :Name:: Kitsune no Megami
    :Release Comand:: awaken and burn it down, Kitsune no Megami

:Appearance:: in his shikai his blade becomes two longer than average daggers one a blood red and hollow in the center and the other entierly black and reflecting no light

    :Name:: Fenikkusufokkusu megami
    :Release comand:: Rise from the ashes with the power of nine, Fenikkusufokkusu megami

:Apperance:: In bankai his blade becomes 2 68" Masamune blades and a Nodachi which he carries in his mouth.

~Zanpakutō Powers and Abilities~

:Sheath:: his sheath is unique in that by analyzing his opponents rei and kido/cero blast Ichiru can absorb the impact from the blast by draining the rei but only from those equal or lower than his power level attempting to do so against a higher level opponent results in him being blasted back by the power and in some cases damage him and his zan prompting careful use of this ability, also it has a shikai like form in which claws cover his hands that are retractable and tie into his abilities for shunko and manipulation. as well like his shikai it causes anycut inflicted on an enemy to bleed and cannot be healed unless by applying an earth like substence (This is possible due to the sheath being a modified bakoto)

:Sealed Zan:: in duress and extreme situations his zan will create wings of flames to slow a rapid decent or cushion a severe fall

:Shikai::* it can fire bullets of flame from its hallow center and allows him to manipulate flames and when it pierces or slices his enemy the wound will not cease to bleed until the wound is covered in a type of earthy substance (I.e. sand & mud) and then cauterized. Due to the bond with his zanpauckto his speed and proficiency with it is greatly increased.
His 4 Primary attacks are:
* Pyro Tornado- he spins the fire around himself and rotates swiftly creating a tornado of fire and fires it towards the enemy,

* Bleeding rage- when his energy becomes low he will tap into the reserves of his zan and the mischeviousness of her being sends him into a crazed blood lust he gains a substantial strength and speed increase

* Burst Limit- When his specialy designed clothes are destroyed his rei becomes out of control and shatters the ground still being contained by his shikai enough that it dosent kill him. his power increases slightly and his eyes become red and glow

* Aeon Clock- this move greatly increases his speed making him seem invisible at times (to a user who is slower or weaker) it also creates after images of him self (5 max seen by thoes stronger or at his level)

:Bankai:: in this form his heated rei becomes extreamly consentrated and form two white fire wings on his back. the wings are super heated enough to be used as weapons but is unknown how as his bankai is still incompleate. due to this and its unstableness his rei leaks out and heats the area anywere between 10ft-1m away from him. they also grant him flight as an ability

* Dragon Twister- this is a larger version of pyro tornado that takes the form of a dragon and is much stronger

* Dragons cross- he swings all three blades in a dragon kanji and the trails leave fire and he wraps them in his wings and from his wings a dragon of fire shoots forward like a projectile (does not have free will and can only be controlled so long as his wings are closed)

* Pheonix mode- In phoenix mode it is similar to Burst limit, his body gains glowing red markings that burn his skin and his eyes become a glowing silver like fire his strength and speed increase massively but once it is over he is forced out of bankai and if its at an early stage into shikai if he does not loose conciousness.

* St. Elmo's fire- His eyes glow through several colors and is body becomes covered in a fire like energy, His zans use the energy like slashes and send them as projectiles. (this mode drains his spirit and life energy)

:Bankai 2nd stage:
In this form his blades becomes one and form a disk like bladed ring half black half white similar to the yin yang symbol.

Red eclips- cause the moon (or sun) to shadow over and become red. this increases their power and allows the use of Heavens judgement.
Blood Dance- Unleases a torrent of red slashes and while doing so it appears that he is dancing
Sun slash- A large slash of white hot flames
Moon Slash- A slash of Dark Purple energy
Amaterasu- can summon Hell flames at will
Heavens Judgement- Once Red eclips is established and he can use this ability which brightens the moon casting the area in a red glow and causes his blade to form a large wolf with wings.

:Bankai Final Form:: This form is revealed with an incantation and it changes his apperance to a silver haired Angel with a broad sword

Angel form:

Battle ready:

Incantation to activate abilities:
"Black and white lines, distant thunder, sharp peak, engulfing land, hidden in the night, Revealed in the Sun, Form a circle and fly though the heavens"

1) Angelic Healing
- allows him to heal and mend wounds, broken bones, and internal damage

2) Lightning manipulation
- He can control and manipulate lightning to his advantage

3) Hell Flames manipulation
- Can control and manipulate the black unquenchable flames of hell

4) Dragonic storm
- He creates dragons of various elements and fires them at the enemy in an elemental torrent

Ultimate Abilities :

1) Fallen angel, Demonic Rebirth
- In this form his appearance changes drastically as does his attitude. His power increases and he gains two katanas in place of his broad sword. In this form many of his abilities are replaced by new and much more deadly ones. this form is only accessed when he is severely wounded.

1) Demonic Regeneration
- He regenerates extreamly quick healing minor wounds in seconds

2) Black Lightning manipulation
- Controles/generates black lightning which is capable of whiping out an entire city

3) Hell Flames Assimilation
- The flames of hell bond with him and his body when cut bleeds black flames.

4) Dragonic Avatar
- Can Generate a dragon avatar, while active ajiro cannot move or defend his physical body as his mind is in the body of the dragon
this drains all of his remaining rei (and consumes life force)

Dragon form:

Angel form:

~Vizard Abilities~

His mask is white, with stripes along the right side and a crescent moon shaped scar along the left eye and unlocks the following abilities.

- Enhanced speed
- Enhanced agility
- Power Augmentation (increase in rei output due to hollow and shinigami rei)
- Enhanced strength
- Enhanced sight
- Stream Cero (looks like black flames)
- Ajiro's Demon roar- He roars loudly charging a massive cero and fires it (does slightly more damage than a regular cero but the roar can cause paralysis from intence rei output during roar.

His mask lasts 2 hrs (4 posts)

:Inner Hollow::*
In the case his inner hollow takes over he becomes a massive corm of himself wielding his zan. He is now a rging beast of blood lust.

~Other abilities~
Outside of his normal abilities he also has the ability to use the following:
Shunpo: Ability to move at very high speeds for a certain amount of distance.

Ikkotsu (Single Bone): A powerful punch capable of doing medium damage to the opponent.*

Jishin kenshutsu (Seismic Sense): the ability to sense vibrations through the ground, "seeing" by sensing their surroundings and making a mental image of it. It allows for a 360 degree field of "vision", outside of normal line-of-sight. To operate, the user needs direct contact with the ground, preferably without something like shoes in between. It only works on earth-based material, including metal- cannot use the ability on non-earth grounding like ice or wood. It's also useless against airborne opponents.

Hagane: The user's Reiatsu condenses, creating a steel-hard skin strong enough to block a Zanpakutō.*

Utsusemi (Cicada, referencing their molting): It allows for a movement at great speed leaving an afterimage behind. The afterimage may even appear to have taken damage.*

Senka (Flash Blossom): a special Shunpo technique where one moves to their opponents back. Directly attacking and sealing one's Saketsu (Chain Binding) and Hakusui (Soul Sleep) in one strike.*

Sōkotsu (Double Bone): Stronger than Ikkotsu, it is a powerful two-fisted punch.*

Blade extend: This technique is used by sending reiatsu into the users blade. This results in a dense compact reiatsu over the blade that can extend to a certain point on the users blade. The length depends on the length of the sword and the users focus on maintaining a balanced pressure.

Shunko: This is a technique that causes a condenced kido around the body that rips away fabric on the arms to back shoulder. the user connect his arms, legs, or fists against the enemy's body. They then release a burst of Kido energy from the connected body part that passes through the enemy's skin, dealing no external damage, and directly attacks the enemy's insides. Using it on a limb, such as an arm or leg, can leave the muscles so damaged that the limb goes numb. When used on the torso, the victim can sometimes begin to cough up blood from the internal damage. However, Firing it repeatedly can put the user in severe fatigue.*

Fire Manipulation
Water Manipulation


:Likes:: Ajiro likes to have fun even though he sometimes analyzes things to much
:Dislikes:: non challenging situations
:Favorite foods:: sweet things especialy human sweets.
:Least Favorite foods:: hot foods and alcohol

:Theme song::
Vizard theme: Monster By Skillet
Vs. Hollows: Scream Aim and fire By Bullet For My Valintine
Vs. Others: Faint By Linkin Park

Items marked with * are unaquired

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Re: Ajiro Minamoto

Post  Hidan on Wed Apr 27, 2011 12:05 am

slightly ridiculous and extra in depth...
*like* lol

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Post  Ryusei Kenzaki on Wed Apr 27, 2011 9:13 am

dammit ichiru i don't wanna read for more than 5 min and u have to obtain vaizard abilities shikai bankai kido all of it
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Post  Demon_tokko on Wed Apr 27, 2011 6:27 pm

im going to go with... GODmoder! please start over with more realistic beginning abilites

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bad tokko DX

Post  Ryusei Kenzaki on Wed Apr 27, 2011 6:29 pm

no being meany head tokko
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Re: Ajiro Minamoto

Post  Ajiro The Demon Prince on Wed Apr 27, 2011 6:39 pm

The whole ideal of people who are spirits and figiting giant monsters called hollows is rediculious, besides its still in editing. As for ur critisizm be more professional about t oo lol iv been rping since you were in diapers you whipersnappers Dx besides oo i have other places to rp on i only came here as a request of blue xD but frankly im not really here to rp much. Also as far as abilities, its not uncommon to hae ultiple bankai stages and aswell as that tokko, its not gming its all in defined limits to what i can and cannot do granted was vague on someparts but its because thoes parts are newer and require more details, and blue you should know by now i dont make a random little detail character i add asmuch information as posible so the character isnt just paper (or text) but becomes realistic,

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lol hahahahahahaha

Post  Ryusei Kenzaki on Wed Apr 27, 2011 6:49 pm

I know dude
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Ryusei Kenzaki

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Re: Ajiro Minamoto

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