Core's techs

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Core's techs

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Pistols that fire from his own energy. An instrument of music, changes to a different one each evoking nature it that plays songs of the earth. A rusted sword that awakens as a sunray sharp and hot to cut through steel.

Instruments of earth

Changing forms of instrument:

Flute: Changes the wind speed to blow incoming objects off course. (Light objects easily. Heavy objects needs more concentration).

Base: Each stroke of the base causes the earth to erupt under his opponent, he also can use this to find hiding people and traps that are under or on the ground.

Trumpet: Summons storms the more played the more violent. Mint tornados appear from a larger tornado after this post.

Harp: Summons spirits to aid in his protection depends on terrain, if the area has good soil the spirits defend Core if the soil is harsh and brings no life the spirits are hostile block and attack opponents.

Fiddle: Helps grow grass to ensnare opponents feet in a trap. Causes trees to grow to block an oncoming attack.

Saxophone: Controls the sound around Core will cause objects to bounce off and fly in a different direction. Sound will bounce and trigger air traps

Dog Whistle: Summons Dogs of all kinds to attack, They don’t die they disappear when heavily damaged.

Duck Call: Summons Birds of all kinds to attack, they disappear after being heavily damaged.

Maracas: Summons insects of all kinds to attack, they disappear after being heavily damaged.


Uses the temperature around him and others can change it to suit his liking not enough to kill, but enough to change the weather. This will cause his sword to be hotter, or make his guns fire more easily.

Gun Change: Switches to crossbow for the opponent who uses non firearms.

Bullet Drive: Can increase or decrease the speed of the bullet or if he is using the bow the same.

Explode: When a bullet it hits an object they explode after a post if an arrow strikes an opponent it will explode after a post.

Steel Core: Uses the base to secrete a steel type skin and reinforced bone marrow and density.That last 5 post can only be used once per battle.

Hail storm: Trumpet summons a rain storm Core changes the temperature to cause hail to fall instead of rain, the longer played the larger the hail.

Volume: Increases the sound of his instruments, only when wounded.

Shadow play: Core’s shadow appears and helps out, he too can play any instrument.

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