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Post  Tizu Youra on Fri Apr 15, 2011 8:58 pm

Welcome and I hope you enjoy yourself on here the Official Forum for Anime Intergration, The rules go as follows

1.Do not harass any of the players/staff members

2.Do not use any kind of foul Language

3.the only Language that is used on this forum is English (American) if you speak any other language on here please Notify any staff member and we can see what we can do.

4.Do not ask how to become Staff on here, we will just ignore you the first time and if it continues then we do hold the right to subject you to a ban.

5.Once ban from the form you will remain ban for the time being, if you are found creating or using a ALT account you will have that account shut down and a even longer ban.

6.Do not impersonate any staff member (I.E usernames/personal information/private messaging) we will find out and you will be ban for a minimum time of 7 days

7.account alts are strictly forbidden from this forum, anyone exceeding the account limit will be subjected to a verbal warning the first time. If it reacquires then the user will be ban and have his recent alt deleted

if their is any question about the rules/users/staff please feel free to inform Myself Tizu Youra and i will be gladly to help you with any questions. thank you


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